Fountain Inn's success comes from its citizens and businesses. We've seen a lot of great growth over the years, but it has always been backed by our common sense of pride. We need a mayor who will reinvigorate this pride and start putting our community first.

  1. Responsible Growth
    Growth in Fountain Inn is something our next Mayor is going to have to take the lead on. It’s the number one issue facing our community, hands down. We have become a very attractive community through the hard work of residents and business owners who have already invested their time, money, and talent in our town. So, it’s no wonder that more people want to come to Fountain Inn - we’re an American small town, rooted in family values, community pride, and pure charm. We can’t close Fountain Inn, but we can protect our future and make sure we don’t lose that identity.

    If we want to address growth, we need a robust plan, not one suggestion that is too little, too late. We have to focus on three things: zoning, infrastructure, and local economic development.

    Read my full Growth Plan >>

  2. Strengthen Business Relations
    Local government can often be where big government goes to thrive. We must always think about how our laws will impact a business owner's ability to efficiently create jobs and revenue. We also need to build better relationships with our industrial businesses to better understand how the City can help them grow. We need to a be a City entrepreneurs want to do business with, and where current business owners feel like they've got someone in their corner.

    We need consistent messaging and policies that business owners can depend on, local economic development, and our City needs to be a bigger player in industrial and educational conversations. 

  3. Strengthen Quality of Life
    We do more than just sleep and work in our hometown - we create, play, and celebrate. We need to follow our Master Plan and incorporate more arts and culture into our community, and we need to strengthen and diversify our parks.

    I support updating our parks and creating new passive and pocket parks that offer recreational opportunities to a larger demographic. I also support creating arts-friendly policies and maintaining our cultural assets.


The most basic promise I can make is that I will be there, and be proud - attending not just every Council meeting, but also as many public events, ribbon cuttings, prospective business meetings, and neighborhood meetings as possible.

I also want to be held accountable. This goes beyond "owning" my decisions - it means setting a standard of transparency and citizen-centered procedures and policies that make your government easier to use and access.

  1. Vocal Ambassador 
    It should be easier to find your Mayor than it is to find Waldo in a children's book. As your Mayor, I'll be there. Whether "there" is a ribbon cutting, a community festival, a neighborhood meeting, a press announcement, or a regular City Council meeting - I'll be there with bells on. 

    I support simple things like using local businesses for local events first, celebrating community volunteers, and encouraging Council member engagement in community events.

  2. Transparency as Habit.
    An agenda item shouldn't surprise or confuse you. I'll make sure City Council actions, proposed or enacted, are detailed in a way that citizens can easily access and understand from all angles. I'm a big fan of transparency and will work to make sure there's nothing hidden about my agenda.

    I support creating a stronger Committee structure, live-streaming Council meetings, and creating clearer communication.

    Read the full Plan >>

  3. Support City Staff.
    Our city's staff works tirelessly every day to keep our community safe, clean, and inviting. I'll work to ensure they have all of the tools they need to keep our city running strong. I also will focus on increasing professional development for all departments and encouraging volunteerism in and around our community so our City staff can be seen as industry leaders, helping them advance in their knowledge and skills.

    I support increasing professional development budgets, creating clear HR policies, and ensuring competitive pay and benefits.